The frequently asked questions apply only to Service providers.


Q:- Why should you display my services on Servimart? 

Because the general public will get to know you better and book your services more.

Q:- How do you join Servimart

-  Click on the Join now link on the top right corner of the page

-  Click on the ‘Register as a Provider’ link                                             

-  Enter your details


Q:- Do you need to pay to join Servimart?



Q:- If I provide more than one type of service, can I create multiple accounts?


Yes – you can. For example, be a musician AND be a compere at the same time.

However – there will be more steps that you will need to take. See them below:-

 - Start the Join now process again after registering your first account

 - After picking your service and clicking on ‘next’, as your email address – you may create a FAKE email address with the login being XXXXXXXX@servimarter.lk with a password

- When going to the next step, as your alternative email address – include the Real validated email address that you used for your first account. You will now receive all correspondence in relation to bookings (if any) to this email address

However, please note that your login for the second profile will be your FAKE email address and password.

If you wish to open two accounts at the same, you can open the other account on incognito mode in your browser.


Q:-  How will customers contact you?

Customers will be able to contact you via telephone or email address. We do not hide these contact details of yours unlike hotel booking websites.