About Us


Servimart is a one stop shop to find Event Service providers

such as Musicians, Venues, Event Planners and many more. 


There are so many options around us to choose from when we want to organize an event. We may need a caterer for a birthday party, a band for an event, a florist for a wedding, or a hall for a conference but we almost always choose an option based on what we have simply “heard of” or an option that has been “recommended” to us by a friend of a friend.

What we do not realise is that there are so many Professional musicians, photographers, comperes etc. out there that we do not know of that can truly suit our exact needs.


We at servimart strive to ensure that the Service Providers included are of good standards to satisfy customers. 

Our Search option is great - giving you the ability to search for specific features of a particular service.


So... Head on over to our Homepage and get to searching!